How to get started

With our user friendly tool you can easily design your app and present you company. You can have a single page or multiple pages.

At the top of each page is shown a banner with the logo of your company and at the buttom is a toolbar with button to the functions in the app.

You can

  • Write texts
  • Uploade photos
  • Insert a table with opening hours
  • Create multiple pages
  • Create a menu with links to your pages

After you have ordered your app from appLease you will receive a username and password for the website together with a licenskey for your app.

Login to get started.

The first time you login you are asked to enter some informatio about your company.

Fill in the fielda and click Save

Then you get to 'My page' where you can see and change your company information. You can also change your password. In the right side you can see your apps.

Click the button 'Create new app'

Enter your licence key whice you have received from appLease and click Next

Then you must enter some information about your app.

You must provide an name and choose the language in your app.

You must uploade an icon whice will be used for your app on the smartphone. The icon must be .jpg or .png with a resolution at 1024x1024 pixels.

Then you must upload a banner image whice is will be shown at the to of each page. The image must be .jpg or .png with a width between 320 and 800 pixels.

Finally you must enter the contact informations whice will be used for the buttons in the toolbar.

In the next screen you must choose color and theme.

Then you must choose layout type - there are two types: Simple layout and Advanced layout.

Finally fill in the content on the page

Yon can write a text, upload a photo and enter your opening hours.

Finally click Finish and your app is ready.

Before your app is published at App Store and Google Play you can test it with our appLease preview app. Get it from App Store or Google Play and enter your App code and you can see and test your app.

When your app is ready you must click Publish. Then we will make you app available at App Store and Google Play within 10 working days.